Garuda amuletter.

Garuda amuletter fra Thailand og Tibet.

Thai and Tibetan Amulets: The Mystical Powers of Garuda.

Amulets representing Garuda, the sacred eagle, hold great significance in Thai and Tibetan cultures. These talismans carry profound spiritual meaning and are believed to bestow protective and healing powers upon those who wear them. In this article,
we will delve into the mythology of Garuda, the symbolism behind these amulets,
and the mystical powers attributed to them.

The Legend of Garuda.

In Hindu and Buddhist mythology, Garuda is a celestial creature often depicted
as a powerful eagle with outstretched wings. Garuda serves as the vehicle
av guden Vishnu and is revered for his strength, loyalty, and ability to conquer evil.
His image is frequently used to dispel negative energies and protect against dark forces.

Symbolism of Garuda Amulets.

Thai and Tibetan amulets depicting Garuda are meticulously crafted to capture the very essence of Garuda, with his razor-sharp talons, piercing beak, and majestic wings.
The wearer of these amulets is believed to be blessed with Garuda's strength,
protection, and triumph.

The Powers of Garuda Amulets

  1. Beskyttelse mot det onde: Garuda amulets are renowned for warding off negative influences, evil spirits, and malevolent energies. They create a protective shield around the wearer.

  2. Åndelig helbredelse: It is believed that Garuda amulets have the power to heal spiritual wounds by bringing balance and harmony to the soul.

  3. Indre styrke: Wearing a Garuda amulet can bolster self-confidence, determination, and resilience, aiding in overcoming life's challenges.

  4. Success and Prosperity: Some believe that these amulets attract luck, success, and prosperity into the lives of their owners.


Thai and Tibetan Garuda amulets are much more than mere adornments.
They are imbued with the symbolic power of the sacred eagle and are thought to offer spiritual protection, healing, and inner strength to those who wear them.
If you seek to elevate your spirit and surround yourself with positive energy,
consider adding a Garuda amulet to your collection.
It may well become your personal talisman for life.